Gone, but not forgotten!
These paintings are now in private collections across the globe, but museum quality  prints of them as well as of all Gallery paintings  continue to be available. Or, perhaps you'd like to have me paint this one again! In a size just for you. For details, see the SHOP page.

Homage to Manet 2.jpg

"After Manet" 7x10

Seashells and Branch_edited.jpg

Just Shells" 16x20 o/c

Copy of Blush Roses crop_edited.jpg

"Three Blush Roses" 7x10 o/c

fresia in Glass.jpg

"Deep Purples" 11x14 o/c

Tuscany Lunch.jpg

"Tuscany Basket" 16x20 o/c

Lilacs and Daisies_edited.jpg

"Lilacs and Daisies" 6X20 O/C.

phlox 2_edited.jpg

"Phlox" 8x10 o/c

Dutch Lilies Dec 16_edited.jpg

"Amsterdam Afternoon" 30x40 oil/canvas

Daisies in Water glass.jpg

"Three Daisies in Glass" 6x8 o/c

Red Roses.jpg

"Christmas Roses in Crystal" 7x10 o/c

Roses of Christmas Past_edited.jpg

"Christmas Roses" 18x24 o/c

Red roses and scones 2 1900 pixels.jpg

"Red and Yellow Roses" (crop) 16x20 o/c


"Mother's Cup" 12x24 o/c


"Maureen" 18x24 o/c


"Olga" 16x20 o/c

Southern Magnolia final July 30 copy_edi
Dahlias in Delft.jpg

\"Dahlias in Delft" 11x14 o/c

Peony on Black_edited.jpg

"One Perfect Peony" 7x10 oc

White Kitchen Quartet.jpg

"White Quartet" 14x16 o/c


"Annie's Wedding" 18x24 (crop) o/c

"Alabama Bound" 18x24 o/c

Floral Best CIMG1089_edited_edited.jpg

"Roses on Silk" 18x24 o/c

Woman in blue Scarf_edited.jpg
Mommy Windham.jpg

"Mother's Tea, Windham" 16x20 o/c

Pink Roses in Glass 2 crop 2021.jpg

"June Roses" (crop) 16x20 o/c

BEST Fresia.jpg

"Fresia in Glass" 11x14 o/c

"Dreamer" 20x26 o/c

Peekskill Hollow Brook in Spring.jpg

"Peekskill Hollow Brook" 11x14 o/c

Roses in Sewing Box 2.JPG

"Wine and Roses" 16x20 o/c

Peonies on Oak Table Lisa H.jpg
Connecticut Trees.jpg

"Waverly Park" 11x14 o/c

Japaese Garden.jpg

"In a Japanese Garden" 15x15 o/c

Roses in Grey Vase 2001  Cool DSC03559.jpg

"A Soft Spring" 18x24 o/c

"Peonies and Old Oak" 30x30 o/c

Jo Peonies 7_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

"Memories" 30x40 o/c

Red Tulips and Basket_edited.jpg
Tickets for Two Meaghan_edited.jpg
Jeanne's Old Fashioned
Wild Irish Roses MG_5223_edited.jpg
Copper Pot and Wine Glass and  Red Buds IMG_5235.jpg
Pink Roses in Glass 2.JPG
Pinks on Provence cloth.jpg

"Fresia in Cobalt Blue" 18x24 o/c