Fantasy in Irish Lace.jpg

"Fantasy in Irish Lace:, 9x12, pen and ink on paper


""Farmers' Market" 12x14 oil/board

"Midnight at the Farmers' Market" 9x12, pen and ink/paper

October Squash 2007 001.jpg

"Farmers' Market" 11x14, o/c

Fruits in pencil.jpg

"Fruit" 5x7 pencil

Brown Pot_edited_edited.jpg
Garden of Delights 2019 IMG_5088.jpg

"Garden of Delights" 11x14 mixed media 

"Terra Cotta Pot" 11x14 o/c

Shells in Moonlight_edited_edited.jpg

"Shells in Moonlight" 18x24 o/c

Roses in Delft 2021.jpg
Red Chrysanthenmum 2000.jpg

"Red Dahlias on Glass: 11x14 pastel

10-28-18 FLYER Celtic Halloween.jpg

"Daffodils" 18x24 o/c

Daisies fuscias and Black Arch.jpg

"Daisies and Pinks" 16x20 o/c

Lilacs and Oranges.jpg

"Lilacs on Old Lace" 18x24 o/c

"Pink Roses in Blue Flow Vase" 18x24 o/c

Roses in Silver_Impressionist_edited.jpg

"Roses in Old Silver" 18x24 o/c