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                                      About Hudson Valley Artist Kate Hoekstra
I am a self taught painter but have enjoyed drawing and visiting museums and galleries since I was a child growing up in New York City where  my father took us  on "field trips" every chance he got. In those days, museums and historic sites were free, and that was a bonus for a family with 7 children and a hunger for art and history! I grew up in the hey day of abstract painting, but have always felt more in tune with traditional painters. So, when I decided to teach myself to paint, the classical and Impressionist painters were my models. I particularly loved the 19th and early 20th century American Impressionists who worked in and around the New England area--Charles Benson, Theodore Robinson, Henry Twachtman, to name just a few whose works  continue to hold their charm.. I admired not only their mastery of drawing, composition  and color but especially their choice of subject. These artists seemed committed to presenting what they found to be beautiful in our world. If I were to make one statement about my own artistic intention, it is that. I know about the darker side, but  leave it to others to capture that. And what is one of the most beautiful things about life? Flowers, of course!  I return to them again and again, just because.. and now that friends and family have caught on, I regularly get fresh bouquets from summer gardens and fancier bouquets on holidays. If you have been one of my benefactors, you will see your gift somewhere in a painting. 
Renoir is reported to have said, "If it weren't for flowers, I would never have painted".  The nicest compliment I have ever received was from a gallery visitor who said, "Your paintings always make me smile". 
Was there ever a flower that didn't make you smile!"

Kathleen Hoekstra PhD

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