Blue Nude 4 small.jpg

"Blue Nude" 22x30 o/c

Nude woman in Window .jpg

"Considering Her Options" 14x20 o/c

The Present (c) oil canv 22x28.jpg

""The Present" 18x24 o/c

Jade Necklace MG_4625_edited.jpg
Gone Fishin'.jpg

"Gone Fishing" 24x36 o/c

Nude on Stripes.jpg

"Nude in Striples" 18x20 o/c

David BEST.jpg

"Our Boy" 18x24 oil and gold on canvas

Woman in Black Hat Dec 2021_edited.jpg

"Woman in the Black Hat" 18x20 0/c

"Woman in Jade" 24x36 o/c