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10 Boxed Cards. $55
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 3 Styles  $65
FREE shipping               

Red, Red Roses pillow.jpeg

Art Pillows 3 Styles 
$65 FREE shipping


Peonies and Irish Lace Feb 22, 2022.jpg

"Peonies and Irish Lace16x20
oil/canvas board

She Loves Me (pastel 12x16).jpg

"Fresia in Cobalt Blue", 16x20 Pastel  

"White Flowers" 16x20 oil/linen
Wild Bunch Sept 2018.jpeg

"Wild Bunch" 16x20 o/c  

purple lilacs_edited.jpg

"Fresia in Cobalt Blue" 16x20, pastel 

"Llilies in Delft" oil/canvas 16x20

Susie's Peonies.jpg

Classic Title

"Susie's Peonies" 16x20 o/c 

"Just Lilacs" 18x24 oil/canvas
Spring flowers in white_edited.jpg

lilacs and tulips 2012_edited.jpg
"Yulipd snf Lilsvz', 16x20 oil/linen
Scones and Roses Dec 1 2021.jpg

"Scones and Roses" 16x20 o/c 

Three Oranges and Turquoise.jpg
Peonies in the Window_edited.jpg

"Symphony in Turquoise" 24x36 o/c 

"Peonies in a Window" 22x26 Pastel 


At the Beach House.jpg
Vintage June 2.jpg

"Vintage" 18x24 o/c 

 Mother's Day Bouquet.jpg

"At the Beach House" 12x16 o/c 

Green Apples.jpg

"Little Green Apples", 12x14, o/c 

Just Desserts 2021_edited_edited.jpg
Hydrangeas and Red Cups_edited.jpg

"Red Cups and Hydrangeas" 16x20 o/c 

See ARCHIVE page for more paintings available as prints.

"Mother's Day" 16x20 o/c. 

HE Loves Me Black Background.jpg

"Daisies Don'tTell" 12x16 o/board 


_Summertime_ 11x15 pen_ink_paper.jpg

"Everything's Part of Something Else" 9x12, pen/ink on paper 


"Neither Fish nor Fowl", pen and ink, 

"Just Dessert" 5x7 pen/ink/paper 

Serenade 2022 HVAA.jpg

"Serenade" 11x15 pen/ink/paper 

Moonlight Sonata 2020.jpg

"Moonlight Sonata" 18x24 o/c 

Black, White and Gold.jpg

"Black, White and Gold" 11x15 pen/ink/paper 

K Hoekstra Violetta di Parma.jpg

"Violetta di Parma" 18x24 o/c 

Genesis off white MG_5054 copy.jpg

"Genesis" 11x15 pen/ink/paper 

Lyrical 2021.jpg

"Lyrical" 16x20 o/c 


Old Napoletano and Lilies.jpg

"Espresso!" 10x14 oil/canvas 


Daisies in Little Silver Pot.jpg

"Nest" 11x14 o/c 

"Silver and Gold" 11x14 oil/linen 

Hibiscus CIMG0909.jpg

"Mother's Cup" 12x24 o/c 

"Last Hibiscus", o/c $950

Celebrate Sept 2012.JPG

"Celebrate!" 11x14 o/c

Peonies and Teacup.jpg

"Easter Morning", 16x20  oil/board  


"Beautiful Boy" 16x20 o/c 

Copy of Kate's Pearls 2 08.jpg

"Her Mother's Pearls" 20x26 o/c 


katonah thor.JPG

"The Protestor" 16x20 o/c 


"Gentle Annie" 16x20 o/c 

maxine Age 10.jpg

"Maxine at 10" 16x20 o/c 

Flower Girl Feb 2013.jpg

"Member of the Wedding" 22x26 o/c 


Wendy's Wildflowers.jpg

"Wendy's Bouquet" 24x30 o/c 

June Roses in Antique Silver copy.jpg

"Roses in Heirloom Vase" 18x24 o/c 

tulips in grey vase.jpg

"Tulips in  Mauve and Grey" 18x24 o/c 

Just Lilacs cool crop.jpg

"Just Lilacs" 24x36 o/c 

More Lilacs!.jpg

"More Lilacs" 22x30 o/aluminum board.
Antique gold leaf

Yellow Daisies in Glass.jpg

"Brown Eyed Susans' 16x20 o/c 

IMG_2978 - Edited.jpg

"Peonies" 16x20 o/c 

Winter Whites.jpg

"Winter Whites" 18x24 oil/canvas 

Blue Sentinel.jpg

"Blue Sentinel" 18x24 o/c 

Blue hydrangeas MG_4629.jpg

"Hydrangeas in Cobalt Blue" 22x26 Pastel 

Watercolor on Location!

White House in Maine Coast_edited_edited

"Martha's Vineyard 9x12 watercolor 


"Dutch Spring"  9x12 watercolor

Rose Trio WC.jpg

"Trio of Roses" 6x9 watercolor 

Bouquet watercolor_edited.jpg

"Hudson Valley Wildflowers" 9x12 watercolor 

Beach Flowers watercolor IMG_3164.jpg

"Pompano Beach" 9x12 watercolor 

Vermont Barn_edited_edited.jpg

"August Afternoon, Stowe" 9x12 watercolor 

Vermont Barn_edited_edited.jpg
Watercolor white floral_edited.jpg

"White Blossoms" 9x12 watercolor 


"Brabant Winter" 9x12 watercolor 

Pansies WC.jpg

"Jug of Pansies" 6x9 watercolor

Some New Watercolors!
Dingle Bay w_c.jpg
Blowin' in the Wind_edited.jpg

"Blowin' in the Wind" 9x12 watercolor 

sun and snow w_c.jpg

"Sun and Snow Putnam Valley" 9x12 watercolor 

"Dingle Bay" 9x12 watercolor 

Peony and Iris .jpg

"Sarah Bernhardt Peonies" 9x12 watercolor 

two Lilacs branches_edited.jpg

"Lilacs and Roses" 6x9 watercolor 

Garden party w_Blue Bottle.jpg

"Garden Party", 9x12 watercolor 

Lilac Branch_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Sprig of Lilac" 6x9 watercolor 

Old Fashioned Bouquet.jpg

"Olde Fashioned Bouquet" 9x12 watercolor 

tulips and scones.jpg
Southern Magnolias w_c.jpg

Southern Magnolias 9x12 watercolor

Two Peonies WC.jpeg

"Two Peonies" 6x9 watercolor 

Three Pink Roses w_c _edited.jpg

"Three Pink Roses", 5x7 watercolor 

"Midnight Snack", 9x12. watercolor 

Purple Iris August 2022.jpg

"Purple Iris", 5x7 watercolor 

Roses in Delft w_c.jpg

"Roses in Delft", 6x9 watercolor 

Tea Roses Watercolor.jpg

"Tea Roses" 5x7 Watercolor 

The Blue Door w_c.jpg

"The Blue Door", 11x15 watercolor 

Irish and Basket w_c.jpg

"Iris and Golden Basket", 11x15 watercolor 

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