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White Flowers Feb 2013.jpg

"White Flowers 16x20 o/c

"Lilies in Delft" 16x20  oil/canvas


          ART TOTES
        ART PILLOWS       

"Farmer's Market" 16x20 o/board

Peonies and Irish Lace Feb 22, 2022.jpg

"Peonies and Irish Lace" 16x20 oil/canvas board

Susie's Peonies.jpg
She Loves Me (pastel 12x16).jpg

"Bouquet in Cobalt Blue" 12x16 Pastel

lilacs and tulips 2012_edited.jpg
""Lilacs and Tulips" 16x20 oil/linen

"Susie's Peonies" 16x20 o/c

"White Flowers" 16x20 oil/linen
Wild Bunch Sept 2018.jpeg

"Wild Bunch" 16x20 o/c

"Just Lilacs" 18x24 oil/canvas
Spring flowers in white_edited.jpg

"Lilacs and Gold Tulips: 16x24 o/c

Scones and Roses Dec 1 2021.jpg

"Scones and Roses" 16x20 o/c

Three Oranges and Turquoise.jpg

"Symphony in Turquoise" 24x36 o/c

Peonies in the Window_edited.jpg

"Peonies in a Window" 22x26 Pastel

At the Beach House.jpg

"At the Beach House" 12x16 o/c

Green Apples.jpg


Vintage June 2.jpg

"Vintage" 18x24 o/c

 Mother's Day Bouquet.jpg

"Mother's Day" 16x20 o/c

Hydrangeas and Red Cups_edited.jpg

"Red Cups and Hydrangeas" 16x20 o/c

HE Loves Me Black Background.jpg

"Daisies Don'tTell" 12x16 o/board

"Little Green Apples" 16x20 o/c

Just Desserts 2021_edited_edited.jpg

"Just Dessert" 5x7 pen/ink/paper


_Summertime_ 11x15 pen_ink_paper.jpg

"Everything's Part of Something Else" 9x12


  "Neither Fish nor Fowl" 6x9 

Serenade 2022 HVAA.jpg

"Serenade" 11x15 pen/ink/paper

Black, White and Gold.jpg

"Black, White and Gold" 11x15 pen/ink/paper

Genesis off white MG_5054 copy.jpg

"Genesis" 11x15 pen/ink/paper

K Hoekstra Violetta di Parma.jpg

"Violetta di Parma" 16x20 o/c


Moonlight Sonata 2020.jpg
Lyrical 2021.jpg

"Moonlight Sonata" 18x24 o/c

"Lyrical" 16x20 o/c


Old Napoletano and Lilies.jpg

"Espresso!" 10x14 oil/canvas


"Nest" 11x14 o/c

Daisies in Little Silver Pot.jpg

"Silver and Gold" 11x14 oil/linen

Peonies and Teacup.jpg
Hibiscus CIMG0909.jpg

"Mother's Cup" 12x24 o/c

"Last Hibiscus" 11x14 o/c

Celebrate Sept 2012.JPG

"Celebrate!" 11x14 o/c

"Celebrate!" 11x14 o/c


"Beautiful Boy" 16x20 o/c

katonah thor.JPG
maxine Age 10.jpg

"The Protestor" 16x20 o/c

"Maxine at 10" 16x20 o/c

Copy of Kate's Pearls 2 08.jpg

"Her Mother's Pearls" 20x26 o/c

Flower Girl Feb 2013.jpg

"Member of the Wedding" 22x26 o/c

Red Tulips in Basket" 16x24 o/c

Wendy's Wildflowers.jpg

"Wendy's Bouquet" 24x30 o/c

"Gentle Annie" 16x20 o/c

June Roses in Antique Silver copy.jpg
tulips in grey vase.jpg

"Tulips in  Mauve and Grey" 18x24 o/c

"Roses in Heirloom Vase" 18x24 o/c

Just Lilacs cool crop.jpg

"Just Lilacs" 24x36 o/c

More Lilacs!.jpg

"More Lilacs" 22x30 o/aluminum board

Yellow Daisies in Glass.jpg

"Brown Eyed Susans' 16x20 o/c

IMG_2978 - Edited.jpg

"Peonies" 16x20 o/c

Winter Whites.jpg

"Winter Whites' 16x20 o/c

Blue Sentinel.jpg

"Blue Sentinel" 18x24 o/c

Blue hydrangeas MG_4629.jpg

"Hydrangeas in Cobalt Blue"(crop) 22x26 Pastel

Watercolor on Location!

Bouquet watercolor_edited.jpg

"Hudson Valley Wildflowers" 9x12 watercolor

White House in Maine Coast_edited_edited
Watercolor white floral_edited.jpg

"White Blossoms" 9x12 watercolor

"Martha's Vineyard" 9x12 watercolor


"Dutch Spring" (crop) 9x12 watercolor

Beach Flowers watercolor IMG_3164.jpg

"Brabant Winter" 9x12 watercolor

"Pompano Beach" 9x12 watercolor

Some New Watercolors!
Rose Trio WC.jpg

"Trio of Roses" 6x9 watercolor

Peony and Iris .jpg

"Sarah Bernhardt Peonies" 9x12 watercolor

two Lilacs branches_edited.jpg

"Lilacs and Roses" 6x9 watercolor

Vermont Barn_edited_edited.jpg

"August Afternoon, Stowe" 9x12 watercolor

Blowin' in the Wind_edited.jpg

"Blowin' in the Wind" 9x12 watercolor

Garden party w_Blue Bottle.jpg

"Garden Party", 9x12 watercolor

Lilac Branch_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Pansies WC.jpg

"Jug of Pansies" 6x9 watercolor

Southern Magnolias w_c.jpg

Southern Magnolias 9x12 watercolor

Two Peonies WC.jpeg

"Two Peonies" 6x9 watercolor

Sprig of Lilac" 6x9 watercolor

Old Fashioned Bouquet.jpg
tulips and scones.jpg

"Midnight Snack", 9x12. watercolor

"Olde Fashioned Bouquet" 9x12 watercolor

Three Pink Roses w_c _edited.jpg

"Three Pink Roses", 5x7 watercolor

Purple Iris August 2022.jpg

"Purple Iris", 5x7 watercolor

Tea Roses Watercolor.jpg

"Tea Roses" 9x12 Watercolor